Dear John

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英文名:Dear John
片长:108 Mins
导演:莱塞·霍尔斯道姆 Lasse Hallström
主演:查宁·塔图姆 Channing Tatum
   阿曼达·塞弗里德 Amanda Seyfried
   亨利·托马斯 Henry Thomas
   理查·詹金斯 Richard Jenkins
   D.J. Cotrona
   Cullen Moss


  2003年在美国陆军特种部队服役,一次遭到多次枪击后,上士John Tyree 躺在阿富汗的土地上,他的战友们围在他的周围。在一段旁白中,他回忆起一次去美国造币厂的童年之旅,并把自己比作美国军中的一枚硬币,然后说他在昏厥之前最不想看到的就是“你”。
  2001年,John 在南卡罗来纳州查尔斯顿海边休假。他遇到了Savannah Curtis,这是一名大学生,她正在利用春假,与一群女学生参与Habitat for Humanity 组织的建家园活动,他从海里取回了她的钱包。
  While serving in the United States Army Special Forces in 2003, Staff Sergeant John Tyree is lying on the ground in Afghanistan, after being shot multiple times with his comrades around him. In a voice-over, he recalls a childhood trip to the US Mint and compares himself to a coin in the United States Military before stating that the last thing he thought of before he blacked out was "you."
  In 2001, John is on leave in Charleston, South Carolina. He meets Savannah Curtis, a college student building homes with a group of co-eds for Habitat for Humanity while on spring break, when he fetches her purse from the ocean. She invites him to a bonfire party where he meets her neighbor, Tim Wheddon, and his son, Alan. Over the course of two weeks, they go on several dates and fall in love. Savannah also meets John's father, who is obsessed with his coin collection.
  Savannah mentions to John that his father -like Tim's son, Alan- may have a form of high-functioning autism known as Asperger's Syndrome. This upsets John, who storms off. Savannah's friend Randy, who also has a crush on her, makes a comment that provokes John to fight, and he accidentally punches Tim, breaking his nose. Savannah sees the commotion, and stops speaking to John. John later apologizes to Tim, who offers to give Savannah a message. She drives to John's house to spend one last day together.
  John and Savannah continue their relationship through letters, and John visits her in her hometown to meet her family while on a future leave. As their time apart start as weeks and turn into months and years, Savannah begins to spend more time with Tim, and decides that she wants to work with autistic children; she plans to build a farm and horse stables where they can enjoy the outdoors and animals. John and Savannah makes plans to start a life together after John is discharged from the army in December 2001 - but September 11 happens, and John chooses to re-enlist. Over the next two years, the romance continues through their letters, and one turns out to be a literal "Dear John" letter, in which Savannah breaks up with John, saying that, while she still loves him, she has developed feelings for someone else - she does not reveal that the "other man" is Tim. In a fit of anger, John burns all of Savannah's letters.
  John is later wounded and encouraged to return home, but he re-enlists for a second time. Four years pass, and John is informed that his father has had a stroke - instead of being deployed with the rest of his unit, John is being sent home to be with his dad. When John arrives at the hospital, he learns that his father is alive, but in grave condition. In addition to reading his father articles from coin collectors' newsletter (which Mr. Tyree has collected, along with his beloved coins, for decades), John writes a letter to his father, which he reads to him at the hospital; John's voice-over at the beginning of the film was from this letter, in which he told his father that the first thing to cross his mind after he was shot was coins, and the last thing to cross his mind before he lost consciousness was his dad. Soon afterward, his father dies.
  After his father's funeral, John visits Savannah at her ranch and learns that she has married Tim, abandoning her dream of a riding camp for autistic kids because of Tim's fight against lymphoma. She talks to Tim on the phone and tells John that Tim would like to see him. She takes John to the hospital, and Tim tells John that Savannah still loves John; she loves him (Tim), too, but not in the same way she loves John - and Tim can see that. John takes her back to her house and they enjoy a quiet evening together, eating dinner, and are tempted to pick up where they left off years earlier, but do not go through with their feelings and, upset, John leaves. John sells all of his father's coin collection (except the valuable mule coin that he found with his father years ago) in order to raise money to help with Tim's cancer treatment. John returns to the military, carrying the mule coin with him as a charm/talisman. He receives a letter from Savannah telling him that Tim died after two months of treatment. John, now a civilian, eventually returns home; while riding his bike in town one day, he sees Savannah at a coffee shop, and they hug.


查宁·塔图姆 Channing Tatum ....John Tyree
阿曼达·塞弗里德 Amanda Seyfried ....Savannah Curtis
亨利·托马斯 Henry Thomas ....Tim Wheddon
理查·詹金斯 Richard Jenkins ....Mr. Tyree
D.J. Cotrona ....Noodles
Cullen Moss ....Rooster (Dan Rooney)
Gavin McCulley ....Starks
Jose Lucena Jr. ....Berry
Keith Robinson ....Captain Stone
斯科特·波特 Scott Porter ....Randy
Leslea Fisher ....Susan
William Howard Bowman ....Daniels (as William Howard)
David Andrews ....Mr. Curtis
Mary Rachel Dudley ....Mrs. Curtis
Bryce Hayes ....Yellow Shirt
Braeden Reed ....Alan 6 years old
卢克·本沃德 Luke Benward ....Alan - 14 years old
Tom Stearns ....Coin Dealer #1
Michael Harding ....Coin Dealer #2
Brett Rice ....Pastor
David Dwyer ....Steve the Owner
Anthony Osment ....Other Surfer
Jim Wenthe ....Professor
Matt Blue ....Doctor
Lauree Bradway ....Party Guest 1
Glenn M. Tatum ....Party Guest 2
Martin Coleman Bowen ....Party Guest 3
Maxx Hennard ....Berg
Jay Phillips ....Young Beret
Steven O'Connor ....Colonel Kittrick
杰西卡·卢卡斯 Jessica Lucas ....Nurse (as Jessica A. Lucas)
Teresa Smith ....Tim's Nurse
Bryce Hogarth ....John - 7 years old (as Bryce Hogarth Aremendariz)
Ron Shelley ....Airport Security Guard (as Shelley Reid)
Cenk Otay ....Screaming Man
Russell A. Turner ....Adams
Lisa Burrascano ....Woman In Park
Mary Fischer ....Helpful Nurse
Brett Lee Clark ....Party Guest #4
Amanda Garsys ....Gawky Girl