Notting Hill

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英文名:Notting Hill

片长:124 Mins
类型:喜剧 爱情
导演:罗杰·米歇尔 Roger Michell
主演:朱莉娅·罗伯茨 Julia Roberts
   休·格兰特 Hugh Grant
   理查德·迈克卡比 Richard McCabe
   瑞什·伊凡斯 Rhys Ifans
   詹姆斯·德拉福斯 James Dreyfus
   戴兰·莫兰 Dylan Moran


  William Thacker (Hugh Grant 饰)是诺丁山独立书店的老板,专门从事旅行写作。 他既干净又英俊,但他一直没有妥善处理他的离婚(他的妻子为了一个看起来和Harrison Ford 完全一样的男人而离开了他),并且目前与一位名叫Spike (Rhys Ifans 饰)的古怪的威尔士模仿者艺术家同住他的房子。一天,当世界著名的好莱坞女演员Anna Scott (Julia Roberts 饰)去伦敦旅行的时候,她走进他的书店买了一本书,Thacker 与她不期而遇。不久之后,两人在街上意外相撞,导致William 把橙汁洒在他们两个人身上。他就把在马路对面他的房子提供给Anna,作为她换衣服的地方......
  William Thacker (Hugh Grant) is the owner of an independent bookstore in Notting Hill that specializes in travel writing. Witty and handsome, he has not been coping well with his divorce (his wife left him "for a man who looks exactly like Harrison Ford") and is currently sharing his house with an eccentric Welsh wannabe artist named Spike (Rhys Ifans). One day, Thacker encounters world-famous Hollywood actress Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) during her trip to London, when she enters his shop to purchase a book. Shortly thereafter, the pair accidentally collide in the street, causing William to spill his orange juice on both of them. He offers his house, which is just across the road, as a place for Anna to get changed. She accepts and they retire to his abode. Having changed, Anna surprises William with a kiss and plants the seeds for their mutual attraction.
  Days later, William asks Spike if he has any messages. Spike has trouble writing down or remembering any messages left for Will, but does recall "Some American girl called Anna" calling a few days previous. Anna is staying at the Ritz, under the name "Flintstone", and asks William to come and visit her. When he arrives, Anna's room has become the centre for a press day and as a result, William is mistaken for a member of the press. In a moment of panic he claims he works for Horse & Hound magazine. He has to interview every single cast member of Anna's new film Helix, even though he has not seen the film himself. William does get to talk to Anna, and invites her to his sister Honey's birthday party.
  There, at Max (Tim McInnerny) and Bella's (Gina McKee) house, Anna feels at home with William's circle of friends, putting up a good case for the "last brownie" the group declared was to be awarded to the most pathetic of them. Afterwards they trespass in a private London square. They go on several more dates, to the cinema and to a restaurant. Anna invites William back to her hotel room, only to find her American boyfriend, Jeff King (an uncredited cameo by Alec Baldwin), already there. Anna apologises whilst the boyfriend is out of the room, and William, pretending to be a waiter in front of Jeff, realises he must leave. Some time later, Anna arrives on William's doorstep, hoping for a place to stay, she and Jeff having broken up. Some degrading images of her that look like a porn film have been leaked to the press. The newspapers have consequently started ridiculing her (calling her "Scott of Pantarctica" and "Wotta Lotta Scott") and she needs to hide out. The pair bond once again, with William helping Anna learn lines for her new film. That night, the pair sleep together for the first time. In the morning, William is stunned to see a throng of reporters at their doorstep, it seems that careless talk by Spike down at the pub the previous night had alerted the media to Anna's whereabouts. Angry at what she views as his betrayal, she leaves in a hurry, and William decides once and for all to forget her.
  One year later, Anna returns to London to make a Henry James film, which William had suggested she do. William approaches the set of the film, and Anna invites him in to watch. He listens to the sound recording whilst Anna is between filming scenes and overhears her telling her co-star that William is "just some guy". Disappointed, William leaves. The next day, Anna comes to the bookshop once again, hoping to resume their love affair, but William turns her down. She also gives him an original Marc Chagall painting, La Mariée, that she saw a print of in William's home. Before she leaves, Anna says the famous line: "I'm also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her"; but William stays firm to his decision. Afterwards, William consults his friends on his decision, leading him to realize that he has just made "the biggest mistake of his life". He and his friends search for Anna, racing across London in Max's car. They reach Anna's press conference before she leaves for the United States, and William successfully persuades her to stay in England with him. Anna and William get married, with the film concluding with a shot of William and a pregnant Anna sitting on a park bench in Notting Hill.


朱莉娅·罗伯茨 Julia Roberts .... Anna Scott
休·格兰特 Hugh Grant .... William Thacker
理查德·迈克卡比 Richard McCabe .... Tony
瑞什·伊凡斯 Rhys Ifans .... Spike
詹姆斯·德拉福斯 James Dreyfus .... Martin
戴兰·莫兰 Dylan Moran .... RufusThief
罗杰·弗罗斯特 Roger Frost .... Annoying Customer
亨利·古德曼 Henry Goodman .... Ritz Concierge
Julian Rhind-Tutt .... 'Time Out' Journalist
Lorelei King .... Anna's Publicist
John Shrapnel .... PR Chief
Clarke Peters .... 'Helix' Lead Actor
Arturo Venegas .... Foreign Actor
Yolanda Vazquez .... Interpreter
米莎·巴顿 Mischa Barton .... 12-Year-Old Actress
蒂姆·麦克纳尼Tim McInnerny .... Max
吉纳·麦琪 Gina McKee .... Bella
艾玛·钱伯斯 Emma Chambers .... Honey
休·博内威利 Hugh Bonneville .... Bernie
Dorian Lough .... Loudin Restaurant