圣女贞德The Messenger The Story of Joan of Arc

Joan 还是一个孩子时就有一种穿透时空的、神奇的“感知力”。她回到家发现她的村庄着火了。她的姐姐Catherine 努力保护她,把她藏了起来,让她免受正在进攻的英国军队的伤害,那是英法长期对抗行动的一部分。Joan 在躲藏期间,目睹了她的姐姐被残忍强奸和杀害。后来,Joan 被远房亲戚带走了。

英文名:The Messenger The Story of Joan of Arc
片长:158 Mins
类型:传记 剧情 历史 战争
导演:吕克-贝松 Luc Besson
主演:米拉·乔沃维奇/蜜拉乔娃维琪 Milla Jovovich
   达斯丁·霍夫曼/达斯汀·霍夫曼 Dustin Hoffman
   费·唐娜薇/菲·丹娜慧 Faye Dunaway
   约翰·马尔科维奇/尊·麦高维治 John Malkovich
   切基·卡尤 Tchéky Karyo
  Joan 还是一个孩子时就有一种穿透时空的、神奇的“感知力”。她回到家发现她的村庄着火了。她的姐姐Catherine 努力保护她,把她藏了起来,让她免受正在进攻的英国军队的伤害,那是英法长期对抗行动的一部分。Joan 在躲藏期间,目睹了她的姐姐被残忍强奸和杀害。后来,Joan 被远房亲戚带走了。
  几年后,在希农,即将成为法国国王Charles VII (John Malkovich 饰)的法国皇太子the Dauphin收到了现在成年了的Joan (Milla Jovovich 饰)的信息,要求交给她一支军队,她要带领这支军队抵抗占领法国的英国人。在见到了他和他的岳母Yolande of Aragon (Faye Dunaway 饰)之后,她描述了她的设想。孤注一掷,他相信了她的预见……
  As a child, Joan has a violent and supernatural vision. She returns home to find her village burning. Her sister Catherine tries to protect her by hiding her from the attacking English forces, part of a longstanding rivalry with France. Joan, while hiding, witnesses the brutal murder and rape of her sister. Afterward, Joan is taken in by distant relatives.
  Several years later at Chinon, the Dauphin and soon to be King of France, Charles VII (John Malkovich), receives a message from the now adult Joan (Milla Jovovich), asking him to provide an army to lead into battle against the occupying English. After meeting him and his mother-in-law Yolande of Aragon (Faye Dunaway) she describes her visions. Desperate, he believes her prophecy.
  Clad in armor, Joan leads the French army to the besieged city of Orléans. She gives the English a chance to surrender, which they refuse. The armies’ commanders, skeptical of Joan’s leadership, initiate the next morning’s battle to take over the stockade at St. Loup without her. By the time she arrives on the battlefield, the French soldiers are retreating. Joan ends the retreat and leads another charge, successfully capturing the fort. They proceed to the enemy stronghold called the “Tourelles”. Joan gives the English another chance to surrender, but they refuse.

万物理论The Theory of Everything

  在剑桥大学,天体物理学专业的学生Stephen Hawking 开始了与文学学生Jane Wilde的恋爱关系。虽然Stephen 擅长数学和物理,但他的朋友和教授们对他缺少一个论文主题感到担忧。Stephen 和他的教授Dennis Sciama 参加了关于黑洞的讲座之后,Stephen 推测黑洞可能是宇宙产物的一部分,于是决定按时写他的论文。

中文名:万物理论  更多…
英文名:The Theory of Everything
片长:123 Mins
类型:传记 剧情 爱情
导演:詹姆斯·马什 James Marsh
主演:埃迪·雷德梅恩 Eddie Redmayne
   菲丽希缇·琼斯 Felicity Jones
   菲丽希缇·琼斯Felicity Jones
   查理·考克斯 Charlie Cox
   哈里·劳埃德 Harry Lloyd
  在剑桥大学,天体物理学专业的学生Stephen Hawking 开始了与文学学生Jane Wilde的恋爱关系。虽然Stephen 擅长数学和物理,但他的朋友和教授们对他缺少一个论文主题感到担忧。Stephen 和他的教授Dennis Sciama 参加了关于黑洞的讲座之后,Stephen 推测黑洞可能是宇宙产物的一部分,于是决定按时写他的论文。
  正在进行研究的时候,Stephen 的肌肉开始萎缩,最终导致他摔倒并撞到了他的头部。他了解到自己患有运动神经疾病;他将无法说话、吞咽、呼吸或移动大部分身体;他还有大约两年的寿命……
  At the University of Cambridge, astrophysics student Stephen Hawking begins a romantic relationship with literature student Jane Wilde. Although Stephen excels at mathematics and physics, his friends and professors are concerned over his lack of a thesis topic. After Stephen and his professor Dennis Sciama attend a lecture on black holes, Stephen speculates that black holes may have been part of the creation of the universe, and decides to write his thesis on time.
  While pursuing his research, Stephen’s muscles begin to fail, eventually causing him to fall and hit his head. He learns he has motor neurone disease; he will be unable to talk, swallow, breathe, or move most of his body; and has approximately two years to live. Stephen asks what will happen to his brain. The doctor tells Stephen that the disease won’t affect it or his thoughts, but that eventually, no one will know what they are. As Stephen becomes reclusive, focusing on his work, Jane confesses she loves him. She tells Stephen’s father she intends to stay with Stephen even as his condition worsens. They marry and have a son.

模仿游戏The Imitation Game

  1951年,数学家Alan Turing 的家好像被人非法闯入之后,两名警察,Nock 和 Staehl 对他进行调查。在Nock 对他的问讯中,Turing 讲述了他在布莱切利园(曾经是英国政府进行密码解读的主要地方)工作的时间。
  1927年,年轻的Turing 在寄宿学校很不快乐,常被欺负。
中文名:模仿游戏  更多…
英文名:The Imitation Game
别名:解码游戏 模拟游戏
片长:114 Mins
类型:传记 剧情 惊悚
导演:莫腾·泰杜姆Morten Tyldum
主演:本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇 Benedict Cumberbatch
   凯拉·奈特莉 Keira Knightley
   马修·古迪 Matthew Goode
   马克·斯特朗 Mark Strong
  1951年,数学家Alan Turing 的家好像被人非法闯入之后,两名警察,Nock 和 Staehl 对他进行调查。在Nock 对他的问讯中,Turing 讲述了他在布莱切利园(曾经是英国政府进行密码解读的主要地方)工作的时间。
  1927年,年轻的Turing 在寄宿学校很不快乐,常被欺负。他和Christopher Morcom 建立了友谊,后者激发了他对密码学的兴趣,Turing 对他慢慢产生了浪漫的情感。在Turing 承认他的爱之前,Christopher 却意外地死于肺结核……
  In 1951, two policemen, Nock and Staehl, investigate the mathematician Alan Turing after an apparent break-in at his home. During his interrogation by Nock, Turing tells of his time working at Bletchley Park.
  In 1927, the young Turing is unhappy and bullied at boarding school. He develops a friendship with Christopher Morcom, who sparks his interest in cryptography, and Turing develops romantic feelings for him. Before Turing can confess his love, Christopher dies unexpectedly from tuberculosis.
  When Britain declares war on Germany in 1939, Turing travels to Bletchley Park, where, under the direction of Commander Alastair Denniston, he joins the cryptography team of Hugh Alexander, John Cairncross, Peter Hilton, Keith Furman and Charles Richards. The team are trying to decrypt the Enigma machine, which the Nazis use to send coded messages.

美剧大佬Showrunners The Art of Running a TV Show

中文名:美剧大佬  更多…
英文名:Showrunners:The Art of Running a TV Show
片长:90 Mins
类型:纪录片 传记
导演:Des Doyle
主演:J·J·艾布拉姆斯 J.J. Abrams
   乔斯·韦登 Joss Whedon
   杰森·奥玛拉 Jason O’Mara
   科特·萨特 Kurt Sutter
  ’Showrunners’ is the first ever feature length documentary film to explore the fascinating world of US television showrunners and the creative forces aligned around them. These people are responsible for creating, writing and overseeing every element of production on one of the United State’s biggest exports – television drama and comedy series.The film intends to show audiences the huge amount of work that goes into making sure their favorite TV series airs on time as well as the many challenges that showrunners have to overcome to make sure a new series makes it onto the schedules at all! Featuring candid interviews with Showrunners such as J.J. Abrams, Joss Whedon, Bill Prady, Terence Winter, Damon Lindelof, Hart Hanson, Steven S. DeKnight.

美国狙击手American Sniper

  电影开始的场景是,美国海军海豹狙击手Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper 饰) 呆在屋顶上,用狙击步枪窥视一支美军车队要通过的路径。他看到有一个男人在另一个屋顶上,正用手机通话,他似乎也在观察车队,Kyle 通过他的耳麦报告了这件事。他被告知,如果该男子在报告部队的移动,允许他开枪向他射击,
中文名:美国狙击手  更多…
英文名:American Sniper
片长:132 Mins
类型:动作 传记 剧情
导演:克林特·伊斯特伍德 Clint Eastwood
主演:布莱德利·库珀 Bradley Cooper
   西耶娜·米勒 Sienna Miller
   杰克·麦克道曼 Jake McDorman
   凯尔·加尔纳 Kyle Gallner
  电影开始的场景是,美国海军海豹狙击手Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper 饰) 呆在屋顶上,用狙击步枪窥视一支美军车队要通过的路径。他看到有一个男人在另一个屋顶上,正用手机通话,他似乎也在观察车队,Kyle 通过他的耳麦报告了这件事。他被告知,如果该男子在报告部队的移动,允许他开枪向他射击,但Kyle 不确定。他的海军陆战队副手示意他,这个人可能只是在电话里跟他的女朋友说话……
  In the opening scene, US Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) is perched on a rooftop, scoping out the path of a US military convoy through his sniper rifle. He sees a man on a rooftop talking on a cell phone, and he appears to be watching the convoy, which Kyle reports it through his headset. He is told that if the man is reporting troop movement, he has the green light to shoot him, but Kyle is unsure. His marine backup suggests that he may just be talking to his girlfriend on the phone. The man disappears from the rooftop and a few moments later, a woman and a young boy appear in the doorway of the same building and walk toward the convoy. Kyle reports the woman and boy, noting that the woman is not swinging her arms as she walks and appears to be carrying something. No one in the convoy can see it to confirm. He watches through the scope as the woman removes something from her cloak and hands it to the boy, and he realizes that it is a grenade. He again gets the green light to shoot, but his marine guard warns him that he will be sent to prison for shooting a child, if he’s wrong.
  The film cuts to a young Chris hunting with his father, and he shoots and kills a deer. His father congratulates him on his excellent shot, telling him he has a gift. Chris happily approaches the deer, dropping his gun to the ground as he runs to it. His father reprimands him for treating his gun cavalierly.

百万金臂Million Dollar Arm

  J. B. Bernstein 是一个一流的体育经纪人,最近和他的搭档Ash Vasudevan一起组建了自己的公司。不幸的是,所有的J·B的客户都已经退休了,并且他无法得到足球明星Popo Vanuatu。极度渴望找到新客户,J. B. 意识到,超过十亿人口的印度有潜在的未开发的棒球人才……
中文名:百万金臂  更多…
英文名:Million Dollar Arm
片长:124 Mins
类型:传记 剧情 运动
导演:克雷格·吉勒斯佩 Craig Gillespie
主演:乔·哈姆 Jon Hamm
   苏拉·沙玛 Suraj Sharma
   比尔·帕克斯顿 Bill Paxton
   蕾克·贝尔 Lake Bell
  J. B. Bernstein 是一个一流的体育经纪人,最近和他的搭档Ash Vasudevan一起组建了自己的公司。不幸的是,所有的J·B的客户都已经退休了,并且他无法得到足球明星Popo Vanuatu。极度渴望找到新客户,J. B. 意识到,超过十亿人口的印度有潜在的未开发的棒球人才……
  J. B. Bernstein is a big-time sports agent who, along with his partner Ash Vasudevan, recently formed their own company. Unfortunately, all of J. B.’s clients have retired, and he is unable to reel in star football player Popo Vanuatu. Desperate to find new clients, J. B. realizes India, with over one billion people, has real potential for untapped baseball talent. He approaches investor Mr. Chang with his proposal—a talent contest staged in India called “Million Dollar Arm.” Contestants score points by demonstrating they can pitch a baseball with speed and accuracy. Along with the prize money, two winners will be flown to the U.S. and receive coaching to become legitimate baseball prospects within two years. Chang commits to providing the funding, on the condition the prospects are ready within only one year. With no alternative, J. B. reluctantly assures Chang the winners will be ready for a major-league try-out within one year.
  J. B. approaches veteran baseball pitching coach Tom House who explains that cricket, the main sport played in India, and baseball have entirely different motions for bowling and pitching, and getting a fresh recruit ready for a try-out within one year is extremely unlikely, if not impossible. J. B. points how House has nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking up the challenge, and House agrees.

不列颠上空的堡垒Castles in the Sky

  这是上世纪30年代中期,二战的风暴云正在德国形成。这部影片描绘了Robert Watson Watt和他挑选出一批古怪但才华横溢的气象学家,努力把雷达的概念变成一个可行的现实时的工作情景。由于微小的预算,看似不可逾越的技术问题,甚至是营地里的间谍,以及Watson Watt 在他追逐他的梦想的同时还必须处理婚姻的麻烦,
中文名:不列颠上空的堡垒  更多…
英文名:Castles in the Sky
片长:90 Mins
类型:传记 剧情 历史
导演:基利士·麦根诺Gillies MacKinnon
主演:艾迪·伊扎德Eddie Izzard
   劳拉·弗雷泽Laura Fraser
   Arran Tulloch
   Karl Davies
  这是上世纪30年代中期,二战的风暴云正在德国形成。这部影片描绘了Robert Watson Watt和他挑选出一批古怪但才华横溢的气象学家,努力把雷达的概念变成一个可行的现实时的工作情景。由于微小的预算,看似不可逾越的技术问题,甚至是营地里的间谍,以及Watson Watt 在他追逐他的梦想的同时还必须处理婚姻的麻烦,使得工作举步维艰……
  It is the mid-1930s and the storm clouds of WWII are forming in Germany. This film charts the work of Robert Watson Watt, the pioneer of Radar, and his hand-picked team of eccentric yet brilliant meteorologists as they struggle to turn the concept of Radar into a workable reality. Hamstrung by a tiny budget, seemingly insurmountable technical problems and even a spy in the camp, Watson Watt also has to deal with marital problems as he chases his dream. By 1939, Watson Watt and his team have developed the world’s first Radar system along the south east coast of England – a system that, in 1940, will prove pivotal in winning the Battle of Britain.

詹姆士Jamesy Boy

  James Burns (Spencer Lofranco 饰)因贩卖枪支、毒品和非法拥有枪支入狱。几年前,他的母亲Tracy (Mary-Louise Parker 饰)试图将他送去学校,但是,因为他有少年时被拘留的过去而被拒绝。一天晚上,James 遇见了从自助食品商店偷了东西出来的Crystal (Rosa Salazar 饰) 和 Drew (Keon Clayton 饰),他像看到朋友一样。
中文名:詹姆士  更多…
英文名:Jamesy Boy
片长:109 Mins
类型:传记 犯罪 剧情
导演:Trevor White
主演:斯宾塞·洛弗朗科 Spencer Lofranco
   文·瑞姆斯 Ving Rhames
   玛丽·露易斯·帕克 Mary-Louise Parker
   詹姆斯·伍兹 James Woods
  James Burns (Spencer Lofranco 饰)因贩卖枪支、毒品和非法拥有枪支入狱。几年前,他的母亲Tracy (Mary-Louise Parker 饰)试图将他送去学校,但是,因为他有少年时被拘留的过去而被拒绝。一天晚上,James 遇见了从自助食品商店偷了东西出来的Crystal (Rosa Salazar 饰) 和 Drew (Keon Clayton 饰),他像看到朋友一样。Crystal 告诉James 有关Roc (Michael Trotter 饰)的情况,他们做非法的零工,并给Roc 一个机会参与其中。James 的妈妈发现了,提醒他……
  James Burns (Spencer Lofranco) is in prison for selling guns, drug possession and illegal possession of a firearm. Some years earlier, his mother Tracy (Mary-Louise Parker) attempts to enroll him in school, but is turned away due to his past in juvenile detention. One night, James meets Crystal (Rosa Salazar) and Drew (Keon Clayton) after they steal from a convenience store, and befriends them. Crystal tells James about Roc (Michael Trotter), a guy they do illegal odd jobs for and offers him a chance to get in on it. James’ mother finds out and reminds him that they are close to his legal appeal, but he defies his incarceration by cutting off his ankle bracelet.
  James goes to Roc’s house asking how he can make money. Roc propositions James to be his getaway driver, then offers a chance to work for him full-time. Later, James and Crystal are horsing around in a convenience store; when James tries to buy cigarettes and liquor, the cashier, Sarah (Taissa Farmiga), tells him to take it as she does not want trouble. Drew and James go to a strip club and Drew points out a man who owes Roc money. Bursting into the man’s office, James pulls a gun on him but his thugs break in and beat him up. In the parking lot, James busts the windows out of the man’s car and finds a bag of guns. Afterward, James runs into Roc, who orders him to fix the situation.

忧愁围绕着我Low Down

  电影《忧愁围绕着我Low Down》带给我们著名爵士钢琴家joe albany与毒品进行斗争的真实故事,是通过他13岁大的女儿Amy-Jo (或者 A.J.)的眼睛看到的。电影开演时,提醒我们这是《Hollywood, 1974》,正如我们所看见的,Amy-Jo (Elle Fanning 饰) 一边看杂志,一边等她的爸爸回家。Amy-Jo 喜欢看他练习和演奏。
中文名:忧愁围绕着我  更多…
英文名:Low Down
片长:114 Mins
类型:传记 剧情 音乐
导演:杰夫·普雷斯Jeff Preiss
主演:艾丽·范宁 Elle Fanning
   约翰·哈克斯 John Hawkes
   琳娜·海蒂 Lena Headey
   格伦·克洛斯Glenn Close
  电影《忧愁围绕着我Low Down》带给我们著名爵士钢琴家joe albany与毒品进行斗争的真实故事,是通过他13岁大的女儿Amy-Jo (或者 A.J.)的眼睛看到的。电影开演时,提醒我们这是《Hollywood, 1974》,正如我们所看见的,Amy-Jo (Elle Fanning 饰) 一边看杂志,一边等她的爸爸回家。Amy-Jo 喜欢看他练习和演奏。很快我们就知道了Joe (Jphn Hawkes 饰) 因假释违规而惹上麻烦,他被警察带走了……
  ”Low Down” brings the true story of famed jazz pianist Joe Albany’s struggle with drugs, as see through the eyes of his 13 yr. old daughter Amy-Jo (or A.J.) Albany. As the movie opens, we are reminded that it is “Hollywood, 1974”, as we see Amy-Jo (played by Elle Fanning) looking through magazines, waiting on her dad’s return home. Amy-Jo loves watching him practice and play. Soon we learn that Joe (played by Jphn Hawkes) is in trouble for having broken his parole, and he is taken back in by cops. Amy-Jo moves in with her Gram (played by Glenn Close). To tell you more would spoil your viewing experience, you’ll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

弃卒Pawn Sacrifice

  影片以一个处在偏执状态的成年Bobby Fischer开始,担心他正在被前苏联监视。电影闪回到Fischer 6岁时,20世纪40年代末期,尽管年幼,他依然显现出一般的偏执的感觉。他的母亲是一个俄罗斯移民,她造成他的恐惧心理,告诉他,她认为社会主义革命可能在美国开始,因此他们被监视了。
中文名:弃卒  更多…
英文名:Pawn Sacrifice
片长:116 Mins
类型:传记 剧情
导演:爱德华·兹威克Edward Zwick
主演:托比·马奎尔 Tobey Maguire
   列维·施瑞博尔 Liev Schreiber
   彼得·萨斯加德 Peter Sarsgaard
   莉莉·拉贝 Lily Rabe
  影片以一个处在偏执状态的成年Bobby Fischer开始,担心他正在被前苏联监视。电影闪回到Fischer 6岁时,20世纪40年代末期,尽管年幼,他依然显现出一般的偏执的感觉。他的母亲是一个俄罗斯移民,她造成他的恐惧心理,告诉他,她认为社会主义革命可能在美国开始,因此他们被监视了。
  The film starts with an adult Bobby Fischer in a paranoid state, worried he is being spied upon by the Soviets. The film flashes back to when Fischer is 6 years old, the late 1940s, and he is shown even then feeling a general sense of paranoia. His mother, a Russian immigrant, supports his general fears, telling him she thinks a socialist revolution could begin in the U.S. and hence they are spied upon.
  He immerses himself into learning and becoming an expert chess player. His mother, worried that chess is becoming his obsession, takes him to an adult chess club. He impresses the resident chessmaster and is accepted as a student. His coaching leads him into the world of professional chess championships. He soon becomes the youngest grand master ever. Personal tensions lead to frequent outbursts. He enters a championship match in Bulgaria where he senses that they are trying to isolate him, and alleges collusion, which he feels makes it impossible for a non-Soviet player to win the championship. He quits the tournament and ends his professional career.