在线阅读讨论-飓风营救Taken 01

1、- Mr. Mills, how are you? – I’m fine.
2、- How are you? – Fine.
3、- I suppose you wanna see it again? – If you don’t mind.
4、- You know where it is. – Oh, yeah.
5、If I charged you a dollar every time you came to examine the machine…
6、…you’d probably own it. It’s the one all the pros use.
7、Mariah Carey. Beyonc? Gwen Stefani.
8、Really? Who’s Beyonc?
9、Just kidding. I’ll take it.
10、Excuse me, sir. The adult party’s in the front.
11、- I’m Kim’s father. – Excuse me, I work for her father.
12、- Her real father. – It’s okay, Cyril. I got it.
13、- Hello, Bryan. – Lenore.
14、I just wanted to give Kim her present.
15、We’re letting the kids have their space.
16、- Put it with the others. – I wanna give it to her myself.
17、- Still having trouble following the rules. – Oh, come on, Lennie.
18、- I’ve asked you not to call me that. – Excuse me. Lenore.
19、- Dad! – Oh, my darling.
20、- Hi. – Hello, my sweet.
21、- Happy birthday. – I was telling your father…
22、…how we arranged the presents. – Here.
23、It’s bad manners to open the one…
24、…and not the others. – Go on. Open it.
25、- Cool. – A karaoke machine?
26、- Well, I figured she wants to be a singer. – When she was 12, Bryan.
27、- We’ve moved on. – Thank you, Daddy.
28、My pleasure.
29、- I still wanna be a singer. Don’t tell Mom. – You got it.
30、Here. One for the book.
31、- We have a professional photographer. – Big smile, sweetie.
32、That’s my girl.
33、Oh, my God. Oh, my God!
34、Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
35、Oh, my… Stuart!
36、Stuart, I love you! I love you! I love you!
37、Happy birthday, sweetie.
38、- Oh, Stuart, you’re impossible. – I know.
39、- Hey, Bryan. – Stuart.
40、- She’s not a little girl anymore, huh? – I guess not.
41、- Will you join us for lunch? – No, thanks.
42、I just wanted to be here to wish her a happy birthday.
43、- Good to see you, Bryan. – You too.
45、- Hey. – Hey.
46、You forgot.
47、Come on in.
48、It’s not like I didn’t call to remind you. Third Saturday in May?
49、- Red meat, red wine? Sound familiar? – He probably had a lot on his mind.
50、Yeah, the busy life of a retiree. Every day a new adventure.
51、What does a retiree do, anyway? Take naps? Play golf?
52、- Hit on rich widows? – That takes care of the morning.
53、Yeah, well, come on, guys. You know why I’m here.
54、Yeah, how’s that going?
55、Okay. We had her birthday today.
56、Can you believe my Kimmy’s 17?
58、- To Kim. – Lennie still got a hard-on for you?
59、She’s not Lennie anymore. She’s Lenore.
60、Oh, she’s still got a hard-on.
61、- And the husband? – The same. Perfect.
62、- Dig deep enough, there’s always shit. – We can dig if you want us to dig.
63、What, you think he hasn’t done it already?
64、Thank you, Bernie.
65、- How’s Kimmy? – Good. She’s good.
66、Yeah? She sleep over yet?
67、Well, let’s say we’re working on it.
68、She appreciate the fact that you’ve given up your life…
69、…in order to be closer to her?
70、What a life, huh?
71、Hey, remember Beirut after the chief disappeared?
72、Bry was in deep with that crazy sheik from Hezbollah?
73、The guy said he’d get us inside then disappeared.
74、We’re scrambling to get the hell out…
75、…before we get taken down and where are you?
76、I promised never to miss her birthday.
77、Yeah, that went down well at Langley…
78、…when they found out you flew the coop…
79、…to attend your child’s birthday 9000 miles away.
80、Where did you say your next posting was?
81、The Arctic Circle spying on penguins, I believe it was.
82、No, penguins live in Antarctica.
83、Actually, it was Alaska. What’s your point, Sam?
84、My point is we have an open space. Say the word, it’s yours.
85、Who likes theirs rare?
86、- Guys. – See you, Bryan.
87、- Good night, guys. – See you, Bry.
88、Hey, look, look, look. All kidding aside…
89、…it’s a great thing trying to make up for lost time with Kimmy.
90、But tomorrow’s job? Right here.
91、Four hours’ work, 2500 bucks…
92、…just for taking some pop diva to and from her concert.
93、- We’re one short. – A singer?
94、I don’t know if you’d call her a singer. More like a cash cow.
95、Twenty million records sold already and she’s not even 25.
96、Job’s a piece of cake.
97、We get her there and back. Inside, they’ve got their own people.
98、- Okay. – Okay. Okay?
99、- Yeah. – Like that’s it?
101、- It’ll be perfect. Just like old times. – Better. No one gets killed.
102、- Tomorrow. Good night, guys. – See you.
103、- Get in the back, Wendy. – I always get in the back.
104、Ma’am, if you don’t mind, I suggest you keep moving.
105、My mother is ma’am, if you don’t mind.
106、- Come on, it’s time now. Let’s go. – Okay.
107、Bernie, Casey, you’re out here. Bry, you’re in the room.
109、Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.
110、Thank you for coming.
111、Wow, it was beautiful.
112、Thanks. What did you say your name was again?
113、Mills. Bryan Mills.
114、- Nice to meet you, Bryan Mills. – You too.
115、- You’re on. Come on, let’s go now. – Okay, guys.
116、Excuse me, miss.
117、I’ve a daughter who wants to be a singer and was wondering if you had any tips.
118、Yeah, I do.
119、Tell her to pick another career.
120、I got one. We’re waiting on an air strike…
121、…and we’re waiting and then my satellite phone rings.
122、- Who is it? – Hello?
123、- The guy we’re to terminate. – Honey.
124、- He’d like to know if we want some tea. – Sorry, guys, it’s Kim.
125、The noise?
126、I’m at a concert.
127、You know this song? Yeah?
128、Yep, that’s her. No, no, no, I’m not attending.
129、I’m… I’m not attending.
130、I’m helping some friends out with security.
131、Well, of course I met her.
132、Who do you think’s guarding her?
133、I’m glad you’re impressed.
134、Hey, I’m happy you called.
135、I’m happy you called. What?
136、Lunch? Tomorrow?
137、Sure, sure. I know the place.
138、Twelve-thirty it is.
139、I’ll see you then.
140、- Here he is. And? – What happened?
141、- She wants to have lunch. – Okay.
142、- Just the two of us. – All right. Fantastic.
143、See? There’s progress. That’s great.
144、Who left that gate open? Bry, get her out of here. Take the lead.
145、- Move! – Go, go!
146、More security here now!
147、That’s it. Move.
149、Bernie, stand by, stand by.
150、- Go, go, go. – Watch your head.
151、Here, take this. The sugar will take the edge off the shock.
152、Come on, come on, drink some more.
153、It’s okay. It’s okay. You’re safe.
154、You’re safe now.
156、Casey. Rambo.
157、Seriously, Bry, you should think about coming with us.
158、You’ve got the edge. There’s more of this to be had.
159、- She’s going to college next year? – Yep.
160、- You’re gonna lose her. – That gives me a year to find her.
161、Mr. Mills, she’d like to see you.
162、- How are you feeling? – Better.
163、So your daughter wants to be a singer?
164、Yep, since she was 5.
165、It’s not what everyone thinks it is.
166、Once the glam wears off, it’s just a lot of hotel rooms, lots of airports.
167、It’s what she wants.
168、The first number is Gio, my vocal coach.
169、If he says she can sing, she can sing.
170、He’ll give her coaching she needs, the fee is on me.
171、The second number is my manager.
172、If Gio clears her, he’ll make sure she gets a shot.
173、- Thank you. – No, Mr. Mills, thank you.
174、- There she is. – Dad.
175、- Hi, sweetie. – Hey.
176、- Hi. – Hi.
177、Don’t look so excited.
178、I was just surprised. I thought it was just gonna be Kim and I.
179、I asked Mom to come.
180、One raspberry-banana milkshake, extra cherries, just the way you like it.
181、- Thanks. – Lennie… Lenore.
182、- Would you like something? – I’m fine, thanks.
184、So, Dad, guess what.
185、- You know my friend Amanda? – Yep.
186、Her cousins asked us to spend vacation with them in Paris.
187、How cool is that?
188、- Why do you want to go to Paris? – Dad. Hello?
189、The Louvre, the Impressionist museum, the Picasso Museum.
190、I didn’t know you were so into art.
191、Are you kidding? I’ve been to the MOMA, like, a hundred times.
192、Amanda went last summer, she came back, she could practically speak French.
193、And because you’re under 18…
194、…you need my permission to leave the country?
195、Dad, please. I really, really wanna go.
196、They’ve got this sick apartment overlooking the river.
197、- Just you and Amanda? – And her cousins.
198、Don’t make a big deal out of this, Bryan. Just sign the paper.
199、- What? – I’m not comfortable with this.
200、- Dad. – I know the world, sweetie.
201、- Dad, please. – A 17-year-old should not travel alone.
202、- I’m not gonna be alone. – Two 17-year-olds.
203、Amanda’s 19.
204、How about this? How about if I go along?
205、You won’t know I’m there. I’m very good at being invisible.
206、As you so amply demonstrated for most of her life.
207、Just sign the paper, Bryan.
208、I’ll think about it.
209、Everyone at this table knows what that means.
210、Hey, Kimmy, there’s something else.
211、- I don’t want anything else. – Kim.
212、- I don’t get you. – What?

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