剧本对白阅读-奇男待嫁Someone Marry Barry

奇男待嫁Someone Marry Barry
Three friends plot to get rid of their socially inappropriate friend by finding him a wife, but when he meets a woman just like him, their problems double. 更多介绍…

1、In every group of friends, there’s always one guy
2、who can best be described as the inappropriate one.
3、I call that guy a Barry.
4、A Barry says and does things other people only think.
5、And he does not know the word propriety.
6、There are all kinds of Barrys.
7、Old Barrys…
8、young Barrys…
9、and Barrys all over the world.
10、And that’s me and my three best friends when we were ten.
11、The one on the end, that’s our Barry.
12、His name is Barry.
13、Growing up we thought Barry was hilarious.
14、He played pranks on girls, he infuriated teachers
15、and we loved him for it.
16、But, as we’ve gotten older,
17、and started having careers, wives, and families,
18、he’s become an embarrassment,
19、a detriment to our livelihoods and reputations,
20、a social wrecking ball.
21、I believe friendship has no limits.
22、At least I did… until Barry went too far.
23、He never, um, passed up a opportunity
24、to appreciate a moment.
25、My, dad had so many great qualities.
26、Um… he was loyal.
27、He always put others before himself.
28、He made an indelible impression on… on everyone:
29、my mom, my son JT, and myself.
30、Especially during that tough time after my wife passed away.
31、So for all these reasons and
32、really too many more to count…
33、I’ll miss you, Dad.
34、Thank you so much, Rafe.
35、Does anyone else have any remembrances
36、they’d like to honor the deceased with?
37、Just a simple anecdote or memory to honor him by?
39、Oh, I should say something.
40、I should say something.
41、- No you should not. – Yes, I should.
42、Rafe’s dad is not getting the tribute he deserves.
43、We gotta celebrate the man’s life.
44、I think it’s fine. It’s fine.
45、Next time, man.
46、Next time?
47、- Barry. – Anyone?
49、Barry, have you thought about what you’re gonna say?
50、Yeah, for years.(更多,甚至整个剧本阅读请点击下面链接。)
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剧本对白阅读-命运鞋奏曲The Cobbler

命运鞋奏曲The Cobbler
Local thug Leon Ludlow brings his shoes to the shop for Max to replace the soles in his shoes. Max’s current stitching machine fails, so he uses the old one. Out of curiosity, he checks Ludlow’s shoe size; it’s 10 1/2, the same as Max. Max tries the shoes on, and to his surprise, he transforms into Ludlow. He uses the machine on other shoes, and realizes what he can do with this. 更多介绍…下面开始全英文剧本阅读:
2、Hello, Max. I’m dropping these off.
3、They were my Albert’s shoes.
4、They shouldn’t go to waste. You should sell them.
5、I don’t sell shoes…
6、And his overcoat is in there too.
7、It’s very nice, you should wear it.
8、Well, I don’t… You should take your coat, I don’t need it.
9、Um, $16 dollars.
10、So, where did you go?
11、Oh, yeah? Who else was there?
13、Hm. Sir, you have a light?
14、- No, uh… Do I… – Excuse me, sir?
15、- Do you have a light? – Sure.
16、Thank you.
17、Thanks. Sorry.
18、Yeah, I know, he thinks he’s adorable.
19、All right, cheers. Hello, mate. You all right?
22、Morning, kid.
23、Morning, Jimmy.
24、No that’s an attractive looking couple.
25、- Bye. – Yeah.
26、- Come on. – All right, I’ve gotta go.
27、If they ever have a kid,
28、you won’t be able to look directly at it.
29、What about you? Max, you got any prospects?
30、Me? No.
31、Well, you should. You’re a good-looking guy.
32、Gotta good job. That kid’s got nothing on you.
33、He’s got his own driver.
34、What, you’ve got somewhere you wanna go?
35、I don’t know.
36、Maybe it’s about time I figured out my own thing, you know.
37、You’re a cobbler, that’s your thing.
38、That’s my father’s thing.
39、And his father before that. You should be proud.
40、Well, I gotta get back to work.
41、Hey hey, how’s your mother? Did you give her those pears?
42、I did. She says thank you.
43、All right, let her know it…
45、Hi. Is this your shop?
46、No, it’s actually my father’s.
47、- Is he here? – No, he is not.
48、Well, I’m trying to talk to all of the proprietors in the area.
49、Do you expect him back soon?
50、No, I don’t expect him back soon. Can I help you?(更多,甚至整个剧本阅读请点击下面链接。)

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Miami-born Carl Casper is the head chef of Gauloise in Brentwood, California. While popular with his kitchen staff and hostess Molly, the restaurant owner Riva wants Carl to stick to tired “classics” rather than innovative dishes. Carl has a strained relationship with his tech-savvy preteen son Percy and rich ex-wife Inez. 更多介绍…下面开始全英文剧本阅读:
1、You walk here?
2、Alright, good. Turn around.
3、Legs out.
4、The bag.
5、Gotta still hit the farmers’ market.
6、- What time is it? – 10:00-ish.
7、- It’s 10:00? – Mm-hm.
8、I gotta pick up the kid. Where’s Tony?
9、Tony and I were out late last night. But don’t worry, he’s gonna be here.
10、- You got this? – Yes.
11、He’s not gonna flake. Neither am I.
12、Hey. Hey, hey, hey!
13、- Yes, Chef. – Wake up.
14、We got a critic coming today.
15、Why you think I slept here for, bro?
16、Let’s get going on the soup. We’re behind on the egg prep.
17、And get the mise on the steak. You still shitfaced?
18、- No, I’m good. I’m good, Chef. – Alright.
19、Help Martin with the pig. We got the pig.
21、- Hey, pal. – Hey.
22、Buckle up, buddy. Sorry I’m late.
23、I’m used to it.
24、Listen, pal, I don’t think we have time to catch a movie today.
25、Is it ’cause you’re getting reviewed?
26、- Yeah, how’d you know about that? – Mom told me.
27、What’d she say?
28、She said you might be a little worried.
29、- She said I was worried? – Yeah.
30、Well, Mom doesn’t know me that well, OK?
31、- She’s pretty spot-on about you. – Oh, yeah?
32、You know what Mommy thinks I should be doing?
33、- What? – That I should get a food truck.
34、- I like food trucks. – Yeah, I like food trucks.
35、Who doesn’t like food trucks?
36、Can you picture me driving a food truck? I’m a chef.
37、- I work in a restaurant. – OK.
38、Listen, I gotta go to the farmers’ market, pick up some ingredients.
39、OK. Can I come?
40、I thought I’d drop you off at the restaurant.
41、- Molly’s there. – No, I wanna go with you.
42、You’re not gonna ask me for everything you see? – No.
43、It’s not about you eating, it’s about me buying groceries.
44、- I know. – OK. Good.
45、- You got the purple and white? – Just orange.
46、Just orange? Alright, give me six bunches of those.
47、- Or eight of the small. – Dad.
48、Hang on a second, buddy. And on the radishes here, I use the tops, OK?
49、- I need consistent tops. – Dad.
50、Is that what’s happening? Six of these. Let’s see what we got.

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剧本对白阅读-龙虎少年队2 22 Jump Street

龙虎少年队2 22 Jump Street
Two years following their success in the 21 Jump Street program, Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) are back on the streets chasing narcotics. However, after failing in the pursuit of a group of drug dealers led by Ghost (Peter Stormare), Deputy Chief Hardy (Nick Offerman) puts the duo back on the program to work for Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) – now located across the street at 22 Jump Street. 更多介绍…下面开始全英文剧本阅读:
1、You’re a fucking nerd.
2、Boy, you lucky you even graduating.
4、- You’re good at this, huh? – Yeah.
5、- You’re really good at this. – Yeah.
6、Hey, you want to be friends?
7、Yours isn’t loaded, right?
8、- Just touch it. – I’m scared.
9、- Just touch it. – Seriously. All right, all right, all right.
10、You took a bullet for me, man.
11、You shot me in the dick!
12、Boom, motherfuckers!
13、You two sons of bitches are going to college!
14、Yin is characterised as slow, soft, passive and is associated with water and femininity.
15、While, yang, by contrast, is fast and solid and…
16、Man, this is BS. I thought we were going to actual college, not online college.
17、Listening for coded messages in lectures.
18、What are you talking about? Look around.
19、This is our city.
20、- What do we want to be in college for? – You’re right.
21、Partners for life.
22、At Metro City Port, the tide comes in at 10:30 a. m. Then it will return to the sea.
23、Metro Port. One hour.
24、Let’s do this.
25、Surprise. There’s two more arms.
26、- Shit! That’s the Ghost. – The Ghost?
27、Joste Nillsen, biggest trafficker of illegal goods in Metro City.
28、He teamed up with a Mexican cartel and they’re running all this shit through the port.
29、What the hell are we supposed to be buying?
30、I don’t know.
31、What are you doing?
32、I got a new identity that’s gonna be killer. I’ll be throwing it to you to make it legit.
34、I’m gonna need you to improvise. Okay?
35、- I don’t want to improvise. – I’m gonna need you to improvise.
36、I suck at improvising. I don’t want to do it.
37、I need absolute silence while I fall into character.
38、- Can you give me a head start on… – I need absolute… I need absolute silence.
39、- Can you please… – Absolute silence.
40、Are you fucking serious right now?
41、All right. I hate people who are late.
42、We’re trying to see that product.
44、Yo, Sleepy! What’s up, homie?
45、You know my cousin, Sad Boy.
46、I think you got the wrong guy, homes.
47、That’s bullshit, man! You Sleepy!
48、Everyone say in the barrio, “Sleepy, he like the Mexican Wolverine” and shit.
49、Hey, my partner here, he want to see the product.
50、Why ain’t he talking?(更多,甚至整个剧本阅读请点击下面链接。)

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剧本对白阅读-飓风营救3 Taken 3

飓风营救3 Taken 3
In 2015, former covert operative Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) visits his daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace), to deliver a birthday gift. After an awkward visit, he invites his ex-wife, Lenore (Famke Janssen), to dinner. Although she declines, she shows up at his apartment and tells him about her marital problems. He agrees to let her try to work things out with her current husband Stuart (Dougray Scott). 更多介绍…下面开始全英文剧本阅读:
2、- Have you seen my checkbook? – Yeah. It’s downstairs in the living room.
3、Darling, are you okay?
5、Are you sure?
6、I’m just gonna take the dog for a walk.
8、Nice office.
9、Nice family.
10、Sorry to disturb you at this time of night…
11、but we have a little problem.
12、Your boss owes me money.
13、A lot of money.
14、And I’m here to collect it.
15、I’m just the accountant. I don’t know anything.
16、You don’t need to know anything…
17、except the combination to the safe.
18、You do know the combination, yes?
20、Perfect. Please.
21、Get in.
22、This is 310-555-0199. Leave a message.
23、Hello, my friend. It’s Malankov.
24、I came to your office to collect my money.
25、What a disappointment to see it’s not here.
26、But I am leaving you something here in return.
27、As a reminder.
28、I cannot wait any longer.
29、My best to the family.
32、How old?
33、No matter how old they are, my friend, they will always be our baby.
34、Ain’t that true? Come on, big guy.
35、Thank you.
36、- Whoa! – Happy birthday!
38、- My birthday’s not even for three days. – You’re always saying I’m so predictable.
39、I wanted to shake things up a bit, make it a little less predictable.
41、Come in.
42、- Champagne glasses? – You know me.
43、Why would I have champagne glasses?
44、Or a giant stuffed panda?
45、I heard that.
46、- Inappropriate? – Well, I mean…
47、- not if I was 7. – I can return it…
48、or you can hang on to it until you have a 7-year-old of your own.
49、Not funny.
50、- Hey, baby. Babe? – Hey!(更多,甚至整个剧本阅读请点击下面链接。)

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剧本对白阅读-恶老板2 Horrible Bosses 2

恶老板2 Horrible Bosses 2
Nick Hendricks, Dale Arbus, and Kurt Buckman decide to start their own business after tiring of working for ungrateful bosses. Their idea is a car-wash-inspired shower head called the “Shower Buddy”. They have trouble finding investors until they are approached by Bert Hanson and his son Rex. Bert admires their commitment to manufacturing the product themselves, while Rex prefers to outsource to China, and agrees to invest if they can make 100,000 units. Taking out a business loan, the three rent a warehouse, hire employees, and manage to produce their output. 更多介绍…下面开始全英文剧本阅读:
1、Hey, hey. If you’re coming in for the morning grind…
2、…it’s another brutal Monday out there traffic-wise.
3、The 2 is slow-and-go to the 5. A Sig Alert is bogging down the I-10.
4、And if you’re on the 405 freeway, you’re probably already late for work.
5、If your boss gives you a hard time about it, have him come down here and talk to…
6、- … Rachel. – Oh, no.
7、Zing! Ha, ha. Thanks, Skip.
8、But, hey, speaking of bosses, after the break…
9、…we get to meet three guys who are chasing their dream of becoming their own bosses.
10、Stay with us.
11、And we’re out. Very good, guys. We’re back in 90 seconds.
12、Jesus Christ. Dale, you gotta stop sweating, pal.
13、- Oh, wow, you are wet. – “Stop sweating. ” How do I stop sweating?
14、This is a big deal. We got everything riding on this.
15、We’ve quit our jobs, I have three children to think about now. How about that?
16、Think about this. You do a good job now, you’re gonna make your boys very proud.
17、- Girls. I have three girls, dude. – Hmm? Right. You can’t even tell at that age.
18、- They basically look like potatoes with arms. – Don’t call my kids potatoes.
19、- Respect the kids. – Don’t piss him off.
20、- They wear pink! – Calm him down.
21、A lot of guys wear pink.
22、- I have a pink polo shirt that I love. – Come on.
23、- Can we get a roll of paper towels? – Can I get paper towels?!
24、Why are you barking at people? He’s saying please, you’re just barking.
25、- Bad manners. – Buddy, dry your face.
26、- He’s freaking out. – It’s unbelievable.
27、- Can you go on without me? – Why don’t you wait in the car?
28、Stop, this is gonna be easy. You have to calm down.
29、Look, Nick’s gonna hit them with facts and figures, because he’s the brains, right?
30、You talk about how you and your wife fucked and made three potatoes with arms.
31、You’re the heart. Me, I’ll do my thing, get in where I fit in.
32、- You’re the soul? – No, I’m the dick and balls.
33、- Got it. – Why would I wanna be the soul?
34、- Just don’t pass out. Just keep breathing. – See? This will be easy.
35、- All we have to do is be ourselves. – Let’s not. Ourselves is a Dumpster fire.
36、- Let’s be better. Let’s try to elevate a little. – That’s a good note. Nobody be themselves.
37、All right, we’re back in 20 seconds.
38、Hey, fellas, thanks for coming.
39、- Nice to meet you. – Good morning. How are you?
40、Hey, my man. There’s trouble.
41、- Too much. – Well, he went with it.
42、- Dale Arbus. – Pleasure to meet you, man.
43、- Thanks for coming on. This will be fun. – Yeah.
44、Does that zip all the way down?
45、And we’re back in five, four…
46、Get up, get up, get up, and get out
47、Ha, ha! And we’re back. You know, every week we like to highlight…
48、…local inventors and entrepreneurs in our Big Idea Spotlight.
49、That’s right, Mike.
50、And today we have three modern-day…(更多,甚至整个剧本阅读请点击下面链接。)

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剧本对白阅读-冬日奇缘Winter’s Tale

冬日奇缘Winter’s Tale
In 1895, a young immigrant couple is refused entry into Manhattan because they have consumption. When their infant son is not allowed entry to the country without them, the couple place him in a model sailboat named “City of Justice,” in which the baby floats to the New York City shoreline. In 1916, the baby boy has grown up to become Peter Lake (Colin Farrell), a thief raised by a supernatural demon posing as the gangster Pearly Soames (Russell Crowe). Peter is marked for death when he decides to leave Pearly’s gang. 更多介绍…下面开始全英文剧本阅读:
1、What if, once upon a time, there were no stars in the sky at all?
2、What if the stars are not what we think?
3、What if the light from afar doesn’t come from the rays of distant suns…
4、but from our wings as we turn into angels?
5、Destiny calls to each of us.
6、And there is a world behind the world where we are all connected.
7、All part of a great and moving plan.
8、Magic is everywhere around us.
9、You just have to look.
11、Look closely.
12、For even time and distance are not what they appear to be.
14、Sir, you’re next.
15、I’m sorry.
16、You’ll have to go back.
18、No. No. Why? We…
19、It’s pulmonary.
20、Ah… What about the baby? Is there place for him?
21、If we have to go back, we leave him.
22、I’m sorry.
23、No. You do not understand.
24、We are all connected.
25、Each baby born carries a miracle inside.
26、A unique purpose.
27、And that miracle is promised to one person and one person alone.
28、We are voyagers, set on a course towards destiny…
29、lo find the one person our miracle is meant for.
30、But be warned:
31、As we seek out the light…
32、darkness gathers.
33、And the eternal contest between Good and Evil is not fought with great armies…
34、but one fife at a time.
35、Stop right there! Get back here, Pete!
36、- Get back here! – Unh!
37、Pete, them was just orders!
38、No. Not like that.
39、We have him now.
40、Let’s do it slowly…
41、with the knives.
42、Get him!
43、Horse. Horse.
45、Go, go, go!
46、Go on!
47、Whoa. Whoa, whoa! Whoa.
48、Horse! Come on! Other away!
49、Other way!

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In January 2013, Laura Poitras, an American documentary film director/producer who had been working for several years on a film about monitoring programs in the United States that were the result of the September 11 attacks, receives an encrypted e-mail from a stranger who calls himself, “Citizenfour.” In it, he offers her inside information about illegal wiretapping practices of the US National Security Agency (NSA) and other intelligence agencies. 更多介绍…下面开始全英文剧本阅读:
1、”Laura, at this stage,
2、I can offer nothing more than my word.
3、I am a senior government employee in the intelligence community.
4、I hope you understand that contacting you is extremely high risk
5、and you are willing to agree to the following precautions
6、before I share more.
7、This will not be a waste of your time.
8、The following sounds complex
9、but should only take minutes to complete for someone technical.
10、I would like to confirm out of email
11、that the keys we exchanged were not intercepted
12、and replaced by your surveillance.
13、Please confirm that no one has ever had a copy of your private key
14、and that it uses a strong passphrase.
15、Assume your adversary is capable of one trillion guesses per second.
16、If the device you store the private key
17、and enter your passphrase on has been hacked,
18、it is trivial to decrypt our communications.
19、Understand that the above steps are not bulletproof
20、and are intended only to give us breathing room.
21、In the end, if you publish the source material,
22、I will likely be immediately implicated.
23、This must not deter you from releasing the information I will provide.
24、Thank you, and be careful.
25、Citizenfour. ”
26、Bottom line is… surveillance means
27、that there are facts that we no longer abide to.
28、If you take away the surveillance,
29、there are no facts that the government can manufacture.
30、Ah, that’s right, and this is all about creating an independent record.
31、To me, this goes to the question
32、of independently verifying what the government is doing.
33、That’s why I keep going back to that question.
34、More with David Sirota after CBS news,
35、traffic, and weather on KKZN Denver/Boulder, AM 7…
36、Hey, can you hear me?
37、I am here, David, how are you?
38、Well I would just point… start by pointing to
39、what Barack Obama himself said about those questions
40、when he was running for the office that he now occupies.
41、In December of 2007, he said, quote,
42、”The president does not have the power under the Constitution
43、to unilaterally authorize a military attack
44、in a situation that does not involve stopping
45、an actual or imminent threat to the nation. ”
46、So by Obama’s own words, the president does not have the power
47、that he is now exercising under the Constitution.
48、And as far as why it matters, in… on August 1, 2007,
49、when he laid out his reasons why he was running for office
50、and why he thought it was so important to change the way we were doing things,

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剧本对白阅读-地狱病院Stonehearst Asylum

地狱病院Stonehearst Asylum
In 1899, an Oxford University professor demonstrates a case of female hysteria, Lady Eliza Graves (Kate Beckinsale), before his class. The patient is drugged and protesting that she is sane, but the professor points out that all mental patients claim to be sane, much as all criminals claim to be innocent. He ignores her demands that he not touch her to induce a fit for the students to observe. The professor advises his students to believe nothing they hear and only half of what they see. 更多介绍…下面开始全英文剧本阅读:
1、…is not the only such affliction.
2、And so we come to that condition
3、which most often afflicts the more nervous sex. Hysteria.
4、Derived from the Greek for “uterus”. Much studied by the French,
5、it has of late come under the scrutiny of our Austrian colleagues.
6、Tonight, we’ll endeavor to add a British accent to this chorus.
7、Bring in the patient, please.
8、As you can see,
9、the patient is a comely woman of five and thirty years
10、who has been under my care at Bethlehem Hospital.
11、Of impeccable breeding, she has suffered much of her life
12、from the classic symptoms of the chronic hysteric.
13、Who can tell me what these are?
15、- Correct. Another. – The tingling of the extremities.
16、- Yes. Another. – Convulsions.
17、Sometimes called “hysteric fits”,
18、during which the patient may become violent, dangerously unmanageable.
19、Which is why, as a precautionary measure,
20、I’ve had her injected with four grains of heroin.
21、One cannot be too careful when attempting to trigger a fit in a clinical setting.
22、As I shall now endeavor to do.
24、I beseech you, sir, do not.
25、Shh, shh, shh.
26、- The trigger point… – Help me.
27、Help me.
28、One of you, please.
29、- Look at me. – I am not mad.
30、- I am not mad. – Look at me.
31、The trigger point may be hidden anywhere in the female anatomy.
32、Most often upon the breasts.
33、- Do not touch me. – The inner thighs.
34、Or the ovaries.
35、Note the clenched fists, the arched back,
36、the tonic and clonic spasms.
37、Concluding finally
38、in a profound contracture.
39、Watch yourself. She’s started her monthly bleeding.
40、- Next patient, please. – Bring in the patient.
41、Any questions?
42、What of the woman’s insistence that she is not mad?
43、Just as every criminal maintains he’s innocent,
44、so does every mad woman insist she is sane.
45、- But she seemed so… – Reasonable?
46、Perhaps. Well bred? Beautiful?
47、She is all these things.
48、And quite mad.
49、And therein lies the paradox of insanity and the great peril of our profession.
50、Thus, I caution you all, gentlemen,(更多,甚至整个剧本阅读请点击下面链接。)

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Divorcee Lauren Reynolds (Drew Barrymore) goes on a blind date with widower Jim Friedman (Adam Sandler) at Hooters; it goes badly. Lauren talks at work to her friend Jen (Wendi McLendon-Covey) about the experience. Jim discusses his date with his co-worker. They both agree in the separate discussions that things could have gone better. Lauren and Jim run into each other while on errands to the store to get a personal item for one of their own children. They attempt to avoid embarrassment by these purchases and switch between themselves. 更多介绍…下面开始全英文剧本阅读:
2、I’m not kidding.
3、That’s where this “class act” brought me.
4、Yeah, you heard me. Hooters.
5、This is the first date I’ve been on since the divorce…
6、…and the guy brings me to a Hooters.
7、Is Tyler asleep?
8、Yeah! Whoo!
9、- Not all the way. – What’s he doing?
10、This T-shirt’s on fire!
11、Why is he singing that?
12、Must save planet Earth.
13、No, It’s all good.
14、- It’s out. – What’s out?
15、God, I’m coming home.
16、Intruder alert.
17、Yeah, maybe that’s not actually a bad idea.
18、Okay, here’s the plan: You’re gonna call me in 10 minutes…
19、…so that I can tell this dope I have an emergency.
20、Can you give me my bath now?
21、Make it five minutes.
22、Got you, Buffalo shrimp with the sauce on the side.
23、They’ll do that for me here. I didn’t know how you took it so…
24、You realize that you’re not actually looking at my face right now.
25、Very tight game going on there. I don’t wanna miss it.
26、You gotta really swing the ax hard to get those, hits in deep.
27、- Hi, Jim. – Hey, Jim.
28、Hey, Jim.
29、Cheese sticks in the shape of a heart.
30、From me, Bunny, Bethany and Britney.
31、Thank you, Bubbles. That’s very nice.
32、- Have fun. – See you.
33、All right.
34、Hey, I noticed that you made eye contact with Boobies…
35、…but I’m not sure it was her eyes you were looking at.
36、So you organize closets for a living.
38、Is it hard to find people who can’t organize their own closets? How does that work?
39、Well, it’s not that they can’t do it for themselves.
40、It’s that they don’t have the time or they don’t do it efficiently.
41、Did you start with organizing glove compartments…
42、…and just work your way up from there or…?
43、Listen, I’m sorry. I know this is not going well. I, heh…
44、I haven’t been on a date in 20 years.
45、I haven’t been on a date since senior year.
46、You get married in college?
47、- Yep. – Me too.
48、- Really? – Yes.
49、Is this not the weirdest feeling in the world right now?
50、Like Weird Al starring in Weird Science.(更多,甚至整个剧本阅读请点击下面链接。)

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